Borated Polyethylene (BPE) is one of the primary materials NPO uses for shielding Neutron Radiation. Our standard BPE is 5% Boron by weight. The benefit of adding Boron is that capture by B-10 reduces the dose from secondary gamma production. It primarily captures through (n, alpha), and the alphas are easily re-absorbed in the material. Spent fuel handling and storage is the area with the biggest application for BPE.  It is commonly used in canister lid shields, panels around the work platform, and bell shielding for transfer casks. BPE can be used in conjunction with T-Flex®, lead, and/or steel to greatly reduce for neutron and gamma radiation. NPO keeps a large stock of BPE sheets and we’re ready to manufacture any shielding your site may need.


Transfer Cask Shield Bell (left) and T-Flex® Tungsten and BPE Lid Shield (right)


General area shielding at VC Summer (left) and Cyclotron Shielding at PETNET (right)