Pipe and Valve Shielding

One of the best applications of T-FLEX® is pipe and valve shielding. This product conforms snugly around a pipe or a valve.  Bringing the shielding as close as possible to the source minimizes the weight of shielding necessary and keeps the immediate area free of obstructions.


Elbow shielding is an excellent application to prove the efficiency of our NPO’s T-FLEX® shielding.

We have sized our shielding to reduce to 60% the doses and we had 85% doses reduction on site!

It enables to reduce the doses for operators working safely on or close to a hot spot.

Rad Shielding dose in mSv/h
In contact 50 cm 1 m
Without shielding 20 0.200 0.030
3.4 0.100 0.030


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