Mobile Radiation Barriers

Mobile x-ray barrier with full width lead glass viewing window for
optimal vision. The barrier has a steel framework and is finished with a
plastic laminate coating. The four twin wheels on castors and handlebars
make this mobile x-ray barrier very safe when moving it around. The
barrier has been shielded with 2 mm lead shielding and the lead glass
viewing window has 2,1 mm lead equivalency.

Others design are available. Contact us for more details !


Mobile PET Workstation

The mobile PET workstation is developed for small PET hot labs. This
workstation provides a space-efficient workstation with a sliding
L-block shield, a shielded isotope calibrator chamber well and a shielded
waste bin enclosure.
The mobile PET workstation has a left to right work-flow concept layout,
from dose draw-up, to measuring to waste disposal.
The sliding L-block shield slides across 95% of the workstation, has
50mm lead shielding and has a stainless steel finish. The shielded
waste bin enclosure and the isotope calibrator chamber well both have
50mm lead shielding to protect operators from ionizing radiation.


The Cyclotron L-Block Station is usually placed close to the cyclotron for
cyclotron maintenance. The L-Block Station has 50mm leadshielding
and also has a safe on the left with 50mm lead shielding. Next to this,
the L-Block has 110mm of lead glass shielding with a density of 5.2.
This cylcotron L-block workstation provides safety when performing
maintenance services on your cyclotron.