NPO EUROPE uses many types of neutron absorbtion materials such as polyethylene, borated polyethylene and naphthalene to thermalize and capture neutrons.


The hydrogen contained in the polyethylene thermalize significantly neutrons .

Borated polyethylene

Another rapid neutrons absorption material is to add boron in the polyethylene

The probability of neutron capture by a boron is more than 10,000 times that of a hydrogen nucleus, regardless of the neutron energy. The probabilities themselves increase significantly when the neutron is thermalized hydrogen).

Borated polyethylene shields are perfect for reducing neutron dose in a general area.

Borated polyethylene is incorporated in NPO shield bells, lid shields, and other applications where neutron radiation is the biggest concern.

T FLEX® (tungsten / bismuth / iron) + boron.

A combination of benefits! Our T-FLEX® is an excellent attenuator for gamma radiation. We can add to our matrix boron to make a neutron shielding as well.